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Hey there... got questions? I have answers!

Have a read of my frequently asked questions below and if you still have more, just shoot me an email and we can have a chat!


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What should I expect for a lifestyle shoot?

My lifestyle sessions are all about capturing the connection within your family and those in-between moments. This means you wont have to tell your children to 'Listen!' or 'Behave!' 

I literally just want you to do what you would do with your family if I wasn't there. Yes, I will guide you to make sure we get a good selection of images- but I truly want you to be yourself with your children! If you want to kiss them- do it! 

The main thing to remember is not to look at me unless I ask... I want these photos to show your family exactly as it is so be yourselves!


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What locations are offered for a lifestyle shoot?

I have a range of locations on offer in the Southern Highlands if that is what you prefer. Places like a farm paddock, a bush track and a lake all offer that outdoor atmosphere you might be looking for, but am flexible to new areas too!

If you are looking for a beach shoot, I work within the Wollongong region. 


I offer mini family sessions throughout the year at different locations around Sydney. This is a great option if you are not local to me and are looking to update your family photos in a quick, affordable way.


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What should we wear?


For newborn sessions, I always recommend wearing what makes you feel comfortable! You have just given birth, so you feeling your best is more important than fancy clothes. However I do not recommend wearing anything too bright as it can set a cast on your babies face and we don't want that! I ask that parents choose a simple onesie design for baby (with legs out if possible) so nothing gets distracted from the gorgeous look of a newborn. Remember we are trying to capture a mini 'day in the life' of your home so keeping everything as minimalist as possible evokes a sense of calm and realism. Regarding parents, I say wear what makes you feel comfortable! You have just given birth, so you feeling your best is more important than clothes. A nice floaty dress always looks beautiful in photos and florals always compliment the simple onesie your baby will be wearing. If you need any styling help at all, please ask!


The key with family sessions is to avoid being matchy-matchy! I am super relaxed with these sessions and am happy for you to wear anything you like. I want you to feel free to let your personalities come out! With kids clothing, I will suggest no large branding or 'characters' on the shirt (sorry Elsa, you are being put back in the cupboard today) as it really does distract from the images. The colours black and red don't tend to come out well in photos however slight hints of red and black are fine.

I do like to use the term 'complimentary' when choosing colours. If you are going to wear a floral dress with blue and yellow flowers maybe your partner could wear navy pants to compliment the blue. I'm more than happy to discuss  this further if needed! Please see the section below on Mama Rentals as another option.


I always recommend a light, flowy dress that will accentuate your beautiful bump, whilst also adding softness and layers. If you don't have anything that suits, please check out Mama Rentals below.



I highly recommend Mama Rentals who do amazing maternity and beyond dresses, and you can even hire a beautiful dress for your daughter that will compliment yours! It is the hassle free way of looking great, saving money and looking after the planet. With over 70 different styles to choose from, you are sure to find something that would suit your size, shape and style. Their carefully curated selection is guaranteed to bring out a little magic in you, and for your photos. As a client of mine, you will also receive 15% off your gown- it's a win win!

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